Video: How to Set up Subaru PIN-Code Access

Whether you’re going on a hike at Dreamy Draw or to a local Spring Training game, there may be times when you want to travel light and avoid carrying your keys. In these and other scenarios, the available Subaru PIN-Code Access system will come in handy!

Skip to the bottom for detailed written instructions after watching the video.


  • Begin by disabling your car or SUV’s keyless access system. To do this, open your driver-side door and rotate the lock level forward.
  • Next, press and hold the lock and trunk release buttons on your access key. Do this until a chirp sound is emitted.
  • Follow up by pressing and holding the lock buttons on your key fob, then immediately press and hold the lock button on the rear hatch until a chirp sound is emitted.
  • Press unlock on your key fob while the chirp is sounding.


  • Set up a five digit pin code using the rear hatch lock button.
  • If you choose the code 1-2-1-2-1, for example, start by pressing the rear hatch lock button once for the number 1.
  • A chirp will sound to indicate that the number is locked in.
  • Then, hit the lock button twice for the number 2. Again, the chirp will sound.
  • Enter the remaining numbers of your pin code in the same manner.
  • Once all five numbers are entered, your vehicle will emit a series of chirps. When this happens, you must re-enter your code, which will make the doors unlock and then lock.

At this point, your code is saved and when you come back to your car later you can enter using your personalized pin!

Many new Subaru cars and SUVs in Phoenix come standard with PIN-Code Access. Check out our inventory online to find a model with this convenient feature now!

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