Video: How to Set up Subaru PIN-Code Access

Subaru’s keyless entry feature is one of the most convenient innovations we’ve released in recent years. Once programmed, you can literally lock your keys in the car and go about your day without having to carry or even lose them. It’s easy to get back into your vehicle using a simple pin code you program into the security system. It only takes a few minutes to program the code, and these easy-to-understand instructions will help you expedite the programming process.


Programming the Pin Code

Any of Subaru’s vehicles with push-button start feature should have pin code access. To get started, you will need to have your key fob handy.

The first step is to find the pin code button. Unlock the vehicle, walk around to the back, and open the rear gate and stop it when it is halfway open. Locate the gate’s unlock button above the license plate housing and then find the pin code button about 12 inches directly to the right of the unlock button.

Next, you will need to prepare your vehicle for a new pin code. Hold down the lock button on your Subaru key fob and press the pin code button at the same time until you hear the vehicle produce an audible series of chirps. Press the lock button one time. This tells your Subaru you are programming a number.

Now it’s time to program the actual five-digit number. After pressing the lock button in the previous step, use the pin code button to input your five-digit code. For example, if you want to program the number 32321, tap the pin code button three times for the first number. You will hear a single chirp confirming your Subaru saved the number. Then tap the button two more times for the next number, wait for the chirp, and so on.

Once all five numbers are programmed, you will hear a series of chirps. This confirms that you need to input the same numbers again to lock in the code. Follow the same procedure, and your Subaru will blink its taillights right after you program the final number.

To unlock your vehicle, simply tap the pin code button the correct amount of times for each number in your code. The vehicle will chirp after each number of the code is accepted, and it will unlock when the entire five-number sequence is successfully entered.

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