The Peformance On The Subaru Boxer Engine

As a car buyer, you may be wondering what is the Subaru Boxer engine, and how does it get its name? The Subaru Boxer engine gained its name because of how the pistons move. They move horizontally, and they work in a side-to-side way. It resembles two boxers having a fight, which is the reason for its name. The engine design promotes a low center of gravity with the perfect symmetrical balance. You have better handling than ever before, and the system is more efficient than ever before with all-wheel drive.

How Do Regular Pistons Work?

In the typical V-shaped fashion of a regular vehicle, the pistons will move vertically in the shape of a V. They will either move up or down or at a slant. Unfortunately, this design doesn't scream efficiency, and it leads to faster wear and tears on the engine. It also lowers the fuel economy for all-wheel-drive cars, and at the same time, it requires that you have more car parts for your system. In short, the pistons in the Subaru Boxer engine move from side to side because they want to create a more efficient engine.

What Makes the Subaru Boxer Engine Efficient?

With this engine, you will notice a punch and counter-punch movement with the Boxer engine pistons. Each time the pistons move, the opposing pistons will cancel out the movement of the other cylinder. It creates this smooth flow of a good running engine, and there's less need for additional components, which is what you might have with the other V-shaped engines.

What Engines Types Do Subaru Vehicles Have?

Looking at the different engine types, most people will know the term V6 engine or a four-cylinder engine. It might even be a V8 engine. The "V" stands for what style of engine it is, and the number alongside it informs us of how many cylinders it has. Traditional engine designs with more cylinders will usually mean that it has more power. At the same time, the power comes at a sacrifice to the fuel economy. The advantage of the advanced engineering used in the Subaru Boxer engines is how you get the most out of the power and the fuel economy. At the same time, it's a little smaller concerning engine design.

Flat-4 or Flat-6

Subaru usually carries the flat-4 or the flat-6, which stands for the engine design and how many cylinders the vehicle will have. Subaru has a highly active engine design that makes the most out of everything. For example, a turbocharged flat-4 will crank out around 305 horsepower. This engine will take you from zero to 60 in 4.7 seconds. The Boxer engine doesn't weigh the car down, and it makes the most out of the engine power so that it goes as far as possible.

The Subaru Boxer engine looks pretty cool under the hood, but it accomplishes much more than that. You have superb handling because of the low center of gravity, and at the same time, you have a much safer vehicle. Typically, the V-shaped engines won't have the perfect balance in their design, which will lower the fuel economy and the safety of the car. Subaru has one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles for all-wheel drive in the US. No one expects cars to crash, but they do. When this happens, the Subaru Boxer engine will disconnect and slide underneath the vehicle, which is a testament to the wonders of modern technology. If you'd like to learn more about the Subaru Boxer engine, we invite you to visit our dealership.

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