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How Do You Use Subaru Reverse Automatic Braking?

Changing Your Driving Mode

Subaru is a brand of vehicles that cares a great deal about its customers and their safety. While there are many different safety and technology features included in all makes and models of Subaru, the reverse automatic braking option is a great feature that will keep you safe. This feature is designed to protect you from collisions or impact that you don’t even see coming. Sometimes you may see an object coming up in your rearview mirror or rearview camera. If you don’t have enough time to react, your reverse automatic braking will kick in to save you…

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How To know It's Time For An Oil Change?

An Oil Change

Oil is used to lubricate the moving parts of your engine, as well as cleaning, cooling, and protecting said parts. This enables your engine to run smoothly. However, engine oil lubricating abilities do not last forever, since the oil will get dirty and its chemical properties will change. At some point, you will need to change your oil to prevent engine damage—or worse, replacement. But how do you know when to do so? Here are a few tips:

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Video: How to Set up Subaru PIN-Code Access


How to Set up Subaru PIN-Code Access

Subaru’s keyless entry feature is one of the most convenient innovations we’ve released in recent years. Once programmed, you can literally lock your keys in the car and go about your day without having to carry or even lose them. It’s easy to get back into your vehicle using a simple pin code you program into the security system. It only takes a few minutes to program the code, and these easy-to-understand instructions will help you expedite the programming process.

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