Subaru Reverse Braking

Braking is one of the most important facets of driving. With so many other cars on the road and unexpected actions by other drivers, diligent braking can be the difference between life or death in some cases. Over the years, Subaru has perfected the basics of braking, but they've also developed advanced safety features that help you brake more effectively. Driver-assist brake features aren't a new thing to Subaru, but they're getting better all the time. We invite you to learn about the brand's new reverse braking feature that helps to keep drivers safe on the road.

How The Reverse Automatic Braking Feature Works

Reverse Braking makes things safer for you by making your vehicle smarter via Subaru EyeSight technology. With the sensors on your vehicle, you're going to be safer every time you reverse your vehicle because your vehicle will "sense" objects behind you and automatically beeps so that you can apply the brakes and not back into the object. So distracted that you don't even hear the beeps or respond to them? No worries. It's called Automatic braking for a reason! Since your Subaru vehicle is equipped with EyeSight technology, the vehicle will automatically brake if you fail to adhere to the beeps. And that will avoid a collision that could potentially destroy property, another person's vehicle, or even another person's life. Your Subaru is just that smart.

This new technology is part of the EyeSight suite of safety measures that Subaru uses to keep its drivers and their passengers safe. It's driver-assistance technology that truly works in practical, everyday situations, not just on paper to make the vehicle look fancier to you. Gone are the days when drivers back into objects or other vehicles, thanks to the sensors on Subaru vehicles! If you're one of those drivers who lives a very hectic and busy lifestyle and frequently makes driving errors, it's highly recommended that you buy a Subaru vehicle that features Reverse Automatic Braking. Not only will you have a heads-up if you're about to collide into something, but your vehicle will automatically gently apply the brakes to truly prevent the collision, not just warn you of it. It's this kind of safety measure that makes Subaru the automaker it is, with the reputation it has for creating practical safety measures that help their customers in everyday driving situations.

Learn More About Reverse Braking

Subaru EyeSight technology has made a huge number of new safety technologies possible on your Subaru vehicle. From 2017 on, you can get a model that features EyeSight technology and features like Reverse Automatic Braking. We highly recommend that you visit our dealership today to learn more about this great safety platform or that you learn more about the features that may be on your own vehicle. Making good use of all this brand new safety technology is an important part of keeping yourself and your family safe on the road. If you have further questions about Reverse Automatic Braking, just contact our dealership today! We'll be happy to tell you all about how this technology works and how to make the most of this feature on your vehicle equipped with it. We're always ready to take on your questions, so contact us today!

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