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Why Financing at Camelback Subaru Differs from Other Dealerships

It's highly essential to the entire team at Camelback Subaru's finance department that we're not only knowledgeable enough to meet the needs of your auto financing but also for streamlining the process whenever possible. Each member of our team has high standards to ensure that your financing experience is personalized, while also presenting you with all the available options, including incentives and the right financing plan. There aren't any one-size-fits-all financial deals at Camelback Subaru!

Here are just a few general finance questions commonly asked by Camelback Subaru customers, which we hope helps you with making an empowering decision.

How does my credit score impact my ability to purchase a vehicle?

Although your credit score is an essential factor, it is not the only factor that lenders use when deciding whether to approve your application for auto financing. A perfect credit score does not guarantee approval any more than a less than ideal score means an absolute denial. Camelback Subaru works with many types of lenders; therefore, even if you believe that your credit score is less than ideal, you should not be discouraged from allowing our team to assess your specific situation. Our objective is to get you approved and, subject to the lender's credit guidelines, we may be able to get you approved once certain conditions are met.

Can Subaru Motors Finance approve me with bad or no credit?

As stated above, Camelback Subaru works with many subprime lenders, but Subaru Motors Finance is an option for someone who has inadequate or no credit. Although, in most situations, Subaru Motors Finance chooses to approve an auto loan based on the potential buyer's ability for repaying the loan, other ways may help your case, such as a cosigner or more substantial down payment. While there aren't any guarantees, being approved by Subaru Motors Finance may be a possibility. However, we suggest that you're prepared with any tangible documentation, such as proof of income, insurance, and even on-time payment history of non-traditional credit obligations, including rent, utilities, or phone.

Are there any benefits to financing a vehicle instead of leasing?

Leasing a vehicle certainly has its advantages; however, financing a vehicle surely brings a lot to the table for a buyer. For starters, at the end of the term of the loan, the vehicle is yours - no questions asked! This type of long-term financing gives most people a stronger peace of mind than leasing.

Other benefits of financing include:
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Being able to customize your vehicle to your liking
  • There aren't any limitations for choosing insurance coverages
  • Helping to build or rebuild your credit score

While accommodating your specific concerns regarding financing your vehicle, Camelback Subaru also makes the process much easier with quick approvals, competitive rates, options for extended warranties, and even the ability to apply for financing online. Interested in learning more? Use our online contact form for secure and quick answers to your specific questions!

Your privacy is important to us.

Camelback Subaru takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. Read our privacy policy.

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