Camelback Subaru offers customers two unique methods of determining monthly vehicle payments using our online Finance Calculator. If you have already chosen a specific model and know the price, enter that number in first box of the left hand column (How Much Will I Pay?). You may then adjust your down payment/trade-in value, annual percentage rate (APR) and financing term length. We will compute your estimated monthly payment automatically.

Alternatively, if you have determined an affordable monthly payment, enter that amount in the first box of the right hand column (How Much Can I Afford?). Then indicate the down payment, term (in months) and APR and we will automatically display the estimated vehicle cost that meets your budget. Both forms may be completed simultaneously, allowing convenient side-by-side comparisons.

These calculations are for reference purposes only. All figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed as accurate. Always consult a professional financial adviser.

* These calculations are for reference purposes only. All figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed as accurate. Always consult a professional financial advisor.

If you're considering purchasing a new or used vehicle, then you want to ensure it fits your budget. You never just want to pick out a vehicle and hope that you can comfortably afford it. Instead, you can use our car payment calculator to figure out what your estimated monthly payment will be.

The Various Benefits Of Using Our Payment Calculator

At Camelback Subaru we offer two unique ways to determine what loan amount and payment is right for your budget. By understanding the monthly payment that you will be committing yourself too, you can be assured that you'll be able to comfortably afford it. When you utilize our online calculator, you can see how big of a loan you can afford based on monthly payments. This will help you to determine the right price range that you can afford for your next vehicle.

How To Use Our Car Payment Calculator

Our car payment calculator can assist you in determining what your estimated monthly payment will be on the vehicle that you want to purchase. If you don't have a specific vehicle in mind, you can also use our calculator to determine what specific price range you can afford. Let's take a look at each method so you understand how to use the payment calculator.

Determining Estimated Monthly Payment

In this first scenario, let's assume you know what the purchase price of your vehicle will be. You'll simply need to enter in the purchase price in the box that says Price. Continue down to fill in the down payment, APR, and term. If you don't know your exact APR, you can estimate it or ask one of our helpful staff members. This will reveal what your monthly payment will be. You can also play around with changing the term length to see how it affects your monthly payment amount.

Determine Purchase Price Range

If you have decided on the amount of money you want to spend each month on a car payment, you can then use this calculator to determine the desired price range for your next vehicle. Simply enter in the monthly payment, term, APR, and down payment. This will return the purchase price you can afford based on the monthly payment you want to have.

Do yourself a favor and play around with changing various values until you can determine the right purchase price and monthly payment amount for your budget. Once you have these financial figures determined, it's time to stop by Camelback Subaru to find your next vehicle.