When to Replace My Car Battery

Watch this video to learn when it's time to replace your Subaru's battery. Plus, get tips on how to extend the life of your battery from our auto shop in Phoenix.

Car Battery Shop Near Me

Phoenix is one of the worst places to get stuck with a dead battery, particularly during summer and when monsoons strike. With regular car battery service in Phoenix, however, you'll know when your battery is due to be replaced, so you can have it swapped out before it's too late.

Learn about signs that your car battery is dying below, and schedule an appointment with us if you'd like to have your battery serviced.

Is My Battery Dead?

If your car isn't starting and a jump start hasn't helped, it may be the battery. Often battery and starter problems are confused, but you can usually tell if it's the battery when:

  • The engine turns but the car doesn't start.
  • The lights are not turning on and the engine isn't turning over.
  • You've experienced recent signs like dim headlights or a slow turning engine.

When you are due for a car battery replacement in Phoenix, our dealership in the Camelback Corridor is at your disposal. Whether you need a new Subaru Impreza, Legacy, WRX, Forester or Outback car battery, we offer surprisingly low prices. View our specials to see if we have any discount coupons before you visit.

What Is Parasitic Drain on a Car Battery?

Parasitic drain means that an accessory, short circuit or another culprit is draining your battery much faster than it should. A professional can diagnose the problem to identify where the parasitic drain is coming from.

My Car Battery Is Swollen

When it looks like your car battery is bloated, it is probably due to being overheated, whether from outside temperatures or an electrical issue. Excessively cold temperatures can also cause swelling in some cases. If you notice even a small amount of bulging, bring your vehicle in for a car battery replacement in Phoenix right away.

Other signs that indicate battery problems include:

    Subaru Batter Service
  • My car battery is corroded
  • My car battery is fairly new but it keeps draining
  • I've had my car battery for over three years
  • My cabin lights and headlights are less bright
  • My horn sounds weak
  • My engine is slow to turn over
  • The battery warning light is on

Maintaining My Car Battery

You can protect your Subaru battery by having it regularly serviced. We'll clean the battery and terminals, check the charge and perform other necessary procedures to ensure that your battery last as long as possible. You can also help protect your battery by doing things like not keeping your lights and accessories on when the vehicle is turned off.

When you're looking for cheap car batteries in Phoenix, check out prices at Camelback Subaru and enjoy superior service. Our factory-certified technicians are here to assist you all year round!

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