Tire Blowouts: Surviving an Emergency Situation

Unless you're an ex racecar driver or tire tester, you've likely never had to learn accident-avoidance maneuvers. Too often, drivers are unprepared for emergency situations and their lives are put on the line. In this article, Camelback Subaru would like to share tips on how to survive one common emergency driving situation - the tire blowout.

Typically, when a blowout occurs it produces a noise similar to that of a shotgun blast. If you hear this while out driving and know that it has come from your car, do the following:

  • While your first instinct might be to brake and turn your steering wheel in an attempt to get off the road, you could quickly lose control and get in an accident. So though it may not feel intuitive, you'll want to press on the gas for a few seconds and drive straight ahead; don't start curving, turning or merging and don't reach for the clutch.
  • After hitting the gas for a few seconds, gently release pressure and slowly decelerate. At this point you'll want to hit your hazard lights, as well as your turn signal, and let your car get down to a speed of about 30 mph.
  • Next, gently steer toward the shoulder of the road. Preferably, if it's safe to do so, merge toward the shoulder that's on the same side as your blown-out tire, again to help reduce the chance of your car losing control. Depending on the situation, you can very gently apply the brakes as needed during the merge.

Tire blowouts can be incredibly dangerous, so make note of these instructions. Also, underinflated tires are more likely to blowout and this typically occurs on very hot days, so being prepared to drive in this situation is especially important to know when living in Arizona.

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